Does manufactured pop have positive or negative effects on the industry?

Manufactured pop artists have become increasingly popular over the years with record companies creating more and more of them with the intention to keep most of the profit that is made from their music. Many artists over the years have been created by the record companies which have been very successful and their music becoming very popular in the charts. Artists such as the spice girls who became well known for ‘Girl power’ have sold 55 million records worldwide and have had 9 UK number 1 singles and one direction who have had 12 million sales worldwide in less than a year are great examples of popular manufactured pop artists. However with the manufactured pop artists it can be difficult to tell what impact they may have on the industries.
Since September 4th 2004 ‘The X factor’ has had a massive part in discovering and creating manufactured pop artists, with going through the processes of finding singers and turning them into something that the audience would like. After nine years the show is still finding artists who could be potential best sellers and musical stars and they seem to be doing a good job at it with discovering stars like ‘Leona Lewis’ who has sold 28 million records worldwide. Being as the X factor is a very popular reality television show with reaching 9.7 million viewers on Saturday 21st September 2013 it seems to be one of the best ways to finding manufactured pop artist. Programs such as ‘the X factor’ give the audience a chance to take an active part as they are able to vote for the contestant which they would to stay on the show, also the audience is able use the show to interact with other people and they can relate to the stories that are told by the contestants. It seems as though these types of programs would make it easier for the industries to find the artists which would be most profitable, as the audience is taking an active part by voting and keeping their preferred artist on the show.


8 thoughts on “Does manufactured pop have positive or negative effects on the industry?

  1. Ella Stewart says:

    I think that the start of your critical investigation gets straight to the point and is well thought through, though you may want to try and put a little more media terminology in. Also, you might want to think about possibly rephrasing your question as it’s a closed question at the moment.

    • bobbi14 says:

      I have been trying to think of media terminology to include in my opening and have thought of a few things to include. My question is slightly different from this, I have changed it to ‘The emergence of manuafctured pop and whether it has a positive or negative impact on the industry’.

  2. This shows clear understanding of the topic and your research with examples used and supported by facts and figures. The introduction keeps focused on the question. You have talked about x factor having a massive part in this but you could also mention some other shows that have had an effect.

    • bobbi14 says:

      I have mentioned a lot about the X factor and I am also planning on including information on other reality televsion programs such as the voice.

  3. kingemma96 says:

    I think the opening of your introduction is great and explains exactly what your critical investigation topic is about. Maybe you should include more information on what a manufactured pop artist is and explain that in further detail. Other than that, i think this is a good introduction and topic to focus on.

  4. overall a good opening to your investigation, you get straight into the topic and dont beat around the bush, you have clearly supported yourself when talking about the xfactor by using decent facts and figures, but where did these facts and figures come from? have you refferenced them? the addition of more media terminology would make this a very strong piece of work.

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