How did Princess Diana’s death effect the media?

Princess Diana, who was born on the 1st July 1961, was a major historical figure. She married Prince Charles, who was the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth. The two married in 1981 and after 15 years of marriage the couple divorced in 1996. She became well known after her divorce from Prince Charles as she took part in many public engagements, becoming well known for her fund-raising work for many charities. During her marriage with Prince Charles and after her divorce she was victim to the worldwide media’s scrutiny.  On the night of August 31st 1997 she was killed in an accident when the car crashed into a beam on the Pont D’Alma in Paris, France. Her death caused a lot of conspiracy theories and had a lot of newspaper articles surrounding her death. Her funeral took place on 6th September 1997 which two thousand people attended and 32.78 million people who watched on their television. 


In the U.K on the 20th September 2013 a biopic of her life is due to be released in cinemas. The film shows aspects of her life that people may not have known about and how difficult things could have been for her. The trailer shows clips of her life which shows how popular she really was and how chaotic her life was. The film will have a positive impact on the audience as well as the media as it is a film based on one of the most beloved woman in the world. However the film will also bring a negative impact as it is a very upsetting subject.


Due to release of the film, on 11th August 2013 an article came out with the heading of ‘Princess Diana film premiere bosses risk angering royals with plan to invite Paul Burrell and Mohamed al-Fayed’. The article talks about how the royals would not like to see these men at the premiere as they have had problems with them in the past. At the end of the article the people are able to leave comments and put their opinions across which are both negative and positive which is what you can expect with an article about an upsetting subject. One of the comments left was ‘I still feel this film should not have been made’ which shows that the film is having a negative impact as the people don’t think it should have been made.


Another problem that has arisen from making the film is that it has brought a lot of attention back to her death and how she died. As they are still unsure whether it was an accident or a planned death the article that recently appeared in the newsstands was the express newspaper with the title ‘MI6 and SAS ‘united in Princess Diana death plot’’ which came out on September 1st 2013. The article brings the questions up about Diana’s death and whether or not it was an accident or planned. From this article it is obvious that the death of Princess Diana will always come up in the press and will come up in the future as she is a historical figure who was loved by millions. Diana’s death upset a lot of people and it shows how much of an impact she had on their lives as she is still being mentioned 16 years after her death.


4 thoughts on “How did Princess Diana’s death effect the media?

  1. Hi Bobbi. What a massive topic you’ve chosen! Your summary is good and clear and helpful to those needing to know the information, and you raise the latest controversy well. However, with a topic such as this one you’re never going to manage to cover everything! Regarding the current controversy, however, don’t miss the interviews in the current press right now–especially Naomi Watts walking out of a Radio 2 interview, for example.

    Diana is an icon of our age and there is loads you could say about representation etc of course…but if I was to encourage you to focus down a bit I would ask you to look at the Daily Express and give some examples below of headlines/values which the Express are trying to put across to their audience regarding Diana. Can you give some examples please?

  2. bobbi14 says:

    With the Express being a middle market newspaper it is trying to cater to the readers who would like to know about important news events and also be entertained at the same time. This is exactly what they have been doing lately when releasing articles about Princess Diana and the conspiracys about her death.
    On Monday, August 26th an article headlined ‘Princess Diana ‘planned to take sons abroad’ was released and once again talks about her death along with the conspiracy theories. Obviously by doing this it is going to bring out a reaction from the audience, especially with this article which talks about her taking her sons away from the royal family. As the express is known for printing many stories and conspiracy theories about Diana’s death this article isn’t something that came out of the blue. The Express isn’t a newspaper afraid to say what they think and this article does exactly that with comments in the article such as ‘she was killed by an elite team of SAS agents and MI6 operatives codenamed The Increment, acting on orders from the Palace.’ which is basically making it seem as though the palace wanted Diana dead. This is putting across to the audience that Diana didn’t deserve to die and that maybe her death wasn’t an accident.
    Another article that was released Sunday, September 22nd headlined ‘Former SAS soldier who claimed Princess Diana was murdered ‘has fled Britain’ which talks about how Diana’s death was planned and not an accident. Once again this article shows that the express is not afraid to say what they think as they are saying that the SAS are the ones that were ordered to murder Diana and by doing this the audience can rely on the express to give them all the details that they would like to know. The SAS solider had told his wife of the plan that was put in place to murder Diana and also tried to justify what the SAS did by saying ‘Its an order, a job’s a job.’ There would have many different reactions to this article especially with the comment that the solider made and by releasing this article the express seems to be representing the SAS as the bad guys and that Diana is innocent and didn’t deserve what happened.

  3. very interesting topic. the fact that you’ve used contemporary sources such as the recent film and the new lines of enquiry into her death shows that despite the actual event happening 16 years ago the public are still interested in the truth, and as the news is still focusing on this event, this topic is constantly evolving and could constantly be added to as the stories develop more.

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